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While RHD specializes in diamonds, we present many professional services...

*Appraisals, Jewelry (Diamond) Evaluation & Insurance:

We offer a detailed "Jewelry Valuation Report" with each purchased item valued at $300 retail or more. This document will be prepared trained staff at Robert Haack Diamonds (who are incidentally, proud members of the gemologists institute of America.)

We can also perform evaluations of jewelry items not purchased from us for insurance evaluations and estate or divorce settlements. These appraisals are done on the store premises by appointment only. After close inspection and careful examination of your item, one of our trained staff will provide you with a detailed written jewelry valuation report.

*Free insurance appraisals upon request only.

Insurance Replacements:

If you’ve experienced a loss of or damage to your jewelry, we want to make things better for you. Our staff insurance replacement consultant is manager Eric Racoma. Eric is skilled at providing expert advice on how to work the most effectively with your insurance company to receive the maximum benefit allowed and to insure that your jewelry is replaced or restored to original specifications. For consultation, Eric can be reached at 414-281-0500.

Note: Shopping for jewelry insurance? Check our “Jewelry Insurance - Questions to ask Your Agent” page for savvy buyer questions.

Custom Designs / Goldsmiths:

Robert Haack offers master goldsmiths at both locations for custom jewelry pieces. Whether you’ve got an idea you’d like us to design or an existing jewel you’d like to remount, we can create the jewelry of your dreams. From an initial drawing by our staff artist, to a wax carving and then a Master Goldsmith’s finished piece - custom designs are one-of-a-kind pieces that
enhance personal meaning and value. The custom creating process typically takes from four to six weeks to complete.

Free Custom Engraving:

Robert Haack Diamonds has recently invested in a state-of-the-arts engraving system and offers free engraving of your purchases here. Some restrictions and limitations apply. See store for details. Engraving is available at Layton Ave., Greenfield location only.

View Engraving Page

Jewelry Repair:

We are honored to be entrusted with your jewelry repair needs. First, while utilizing an expert eye and microscope, one of our skilled staff will scrutinize your jewelry to record every relevant detail, prior to repair work. Only after this thorough exam can we discuss the extent of repair needed and quote you a price. For more complex, challenging repairs, we will consult with our goldsmiths so they can lend their expertise and submit and estimate upon your request.

While ‘routine’ repairs are occasionally simple enough to be done while you to wait on the premises, the ‘norm’ required repair is ready for pick up in approximately three to seven working days. Larger, more intricate repair work will take longer time to perform. At Robert Haack Diamonds, we always have gemologist inclusion on all repairs as well as purchases.

Jewelry Cleaning / Polish as you wait:

Robert Haack Diamonds encourage you to take good care of your jewelry by brining it in for an occasional free cleaning and polishing. Please ask one of our experienced sales staff what the safest, most effective way to clean your own, special purchase is.

WE RECYCLE at Robert Haack Diamonds!!

(By performing re-mounts and creating new designs that will showcase your current diamonds and gemstones in a brand new fashion.)

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