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Meet the Robert Haack Diamonds Family!

We are quite the diverse group (with unique personalities,) but we all work together with the united desire to provide exceptional sales and services to our clients.

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>OWNERS:</span>   border=


Bret and Marie Eulberg -

Believe it or not, Bret has been selling jewelry since he was ten years old with his family! From a young boy, Bret proved to be quite the entrepreneur. It was no surprise that when he heard Kat Morrow was closing Robert Haack to move to Arizona that he immediately seized the opportunity to purchase and continue building upon the solid and rewarding business.

Bret’s philosophy is to treat people like he himself would want to be treated... which means fairly. Implementing that fair-mindedness assisted Bret in establishing a rapidly expanding and satisfied customer base. The considerable growth since taking ownership has enabled Bret to open an additional Robert Haack Diamond location in Glendale with nine new staff members to serve clients. (Our third, ‘sister store’ is called Diamond in the Dells – located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.)

While Bret can usually be found at the Greenfield location, his wife, Marie helps run the store in Glendale. Their daughter, Makayla really, really loves to wear jewelry. (Dad is looking forward to see if Makayla is going to love selling jewelry in the future…)


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(S) Eric Racoma</span>   border=

(S) Eric Racoma

Eric began working at Robert Haack Diamonds in 1994. Once eager to learn everything there was to know about diamonds, Eric now enjoys teaching clients and mentoring sales staff about diamonds. (For example, how value is determined by the infamous Four C’s.) Eric believes that diamond knowledge and personal preference dramatically optimizes client satisfaction.

When not working, Eric can be found building or re-building computers, backing the Green Bay Packers or barbequing like a pro, even in the snow. (Well, it IS Wisconsin.)

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(N/S) Leslie Booton –</span>   border=

(N/S) Leslie Booton –

Leslie has graced RHD for 25 years and running! “I never knew that my career at Robert Haack Diamonds would be filled with such warmth and friendship. Over the many years, my co-workers and customers have become close friends and family. Such mutual trust is rare in the business world.”

Leslie married husband Dan in 1986. Together they happily share son Alex, born 1996.

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(N) Bob Pack -</span>   border=

(N) Bob Pack -

Bob has also been involved in the jewelry industry, selling and purchasing, since 1986. Bob and owner Bret ‘joined forces’ about eight years ago, collaborating until Bob’s full time position with Robert Haack Diamonds two years ago.

Immersed in diamonds, watches and other fine pieces, Bob is enamoured with his career. “Being surrounded by precious and beautiful items – selling diamonds or other fine jewelry that provides joy to the recipients for the rest of their lives… is both exciting and highly rewarding to me. It’s a big part of me, it’s in my blood.”

Bob is also pretty smitten with his wife and three children. Collecting vintage watches is something he enjoys too. “Inside scoop” says that Bob is a neat freak. When not eagerly working with his clients, Bob can be found washing his hands…


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(S) Kat Morrow</span>   border=

(S) Kat Morrow was the former owner of Robert Haack Diamonds from 1987 through 2007, and returned as part-time appraiser/GIA graduate gemologist, senior sales associate and diamond/gold Buyer. (Yes, she is still as busy as ever!) “What I love about my position at RHD is that I get to stay current and relevant with my gemological/appraisal skills. I also love interacting with so many amazing customers whether I’m buying their jewelry to make their lives easier or happier, or selling our jewelry to them at special times in their lives. Either way, I am making a positive effect on their lives and in turn, mine as well.”

Kat is married and very close to her family – especially her sister, nieces and nephews. She is a certified personal trainer, BodyPump instructor, nutrition educator and wellness coach with a passion for getting people healthy through fitness & nutrition. Kat loves to exercise and eat a healthy diet of lots of fruits and veggies. Attending concerts and theatre, as well as dancing or fine dining (with great red wines) are Kat’s additional favorite pastimes.

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(S) Shauna Pope</span>   border=

S) Shauna Pope says she has been ‘playing’ with diamonds for a year at RHD, which is quite possibly the best job in the world. Shauna takes pleasure in examining each unique piece of jewelry brought in for appraisal and hearing the variety of stories behind them. “Working here definitely feels like family. I have a lot of fun.”

Shauna treasures time with her (adorable) three year old son as well as exercising, shopping and lounging in her pajamas whenever she gets the chance.


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(S) “Kal” Y.</span>   border=

(S) “Kal” Y. has been energetically working the sales floor for approximately two years, selling diamonds as well as buying client’s gold and diamonds at Robert Haack. “When I hear that I have given my client the best price around town when they sell their once prized possessions, it feels rewarding to think I’ve helped. Especially on occasions when clients have lost their job and are forced to sell their precious pieces to get by – it is not unusual to hear we paid out much more than other places offered – and that makes me feel good.”

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(S) “Kitty” A. </span>   border=

(S) “Kitty” A. arrived like a gift to Robert Haack Diamonds on St. Nick’s day in December, 2010. While Kitty’s job description is under sales, she excels in expediting many various project demands of the store. Kitty feels blessed working with a great boss and caring co-workers, but watching the surprise and joy on client faces when she pays them more than they had ever expected for their gold, is equally as rewarding.

Kitty is married and a son, who she enjoys spending time with. Other favorite adventures include flea marketing, reading, painting, watching all the wildlife attracted to their outdoor feeders, traveling, thunderstorms, a good movie and bon fires.

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(N) Marva B. </span>   border=

(N) Marva B. has enjoyed having the opportunity to meet all kinds of people while buying and selling unusual pieces of jewelry – especially antique ones. Over the past year, Marva has been not only busy in sales, but assisting her clients to re-design their current jewelry into new, fresh pieces. During free time, Marva likes perusing fashion magazines, listening to music and shopping.

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(N) “Jack” J.,</span>   border=

(N) “Jack” J., joined Robert Haack Diamonds half a year ago and has been putting smiles on his client’s faces since his first day with us. Jack finds it rewarding to make a favorable difference (while surprising) clients by the amount of cash he is able to offer for their gold and diamonds, because it clearly makes them happy. He also enjoys the fun of “talking old school” to jewelers, among others, including his co-workers.


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(N/S) Aaron J. </span>   border=

(N/S) Aaron J. has been creating anything you can imagine (with Gold, Platinum or Silver) for four years with RHD. Arron is grateful not only to have a job during these tough times, but to have one where he is surrounded by beautiful gems to design with and rewarding clients to work with.

(S) Bruce B. has enjoyed working with the RHD “great crew” for over two years. Bruce is not your average master goldsmith – he is also a musician who plays guitar and “a bit of” piano.

(N) Tony R. has 52 years as a goldsmith under his belt and is going into his second year with RHD. Tony loves to create pieces that look and fit exceptionally because he really enjoys seeing each customer’s happiness and pride when they receive their fitted or customized piece.


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(S) Kat K. </span>   border=

S) Kat K. came on board as an eager goldsmith apprentice almost half a year ago. An artist of varying mediums, Kat loves her job, co-workers and especially mentoring under master goldsmith Aaron, who has been teaching her ‘the secrets’ of gold.

Kat recently rescued an injured kitten requiring leg surgery. “Through the kind financial donations from fellow employees and even RHD customers, I was able to pay for having the cat’s leg fixed. I am so grateful for that.”

(N) Avi P. moved back to the area from Israel recently, and is a “newbie” with RHD. This is his first taste of American business/workmanship and he likes it! Outside of work, Avi is the father of two wonderful children as well as the son of two equally wonderful parents. Travel, sports and family time are Avi’s favorite pastimes.

NEWPRS (North East Wisconsin Property Reporting System)


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(S) Chaveza B. </span>   border=

(S) Chaveza B. began working on all sorts of projects at Robert Haack Diamonds over half a year ago and says he loves learning about the jewelry industry and meeting new people.

After work, Chaveza enjoys time with his wife and kids as well as playing video games, attending NFL / NBA and hockey games. His entire family adores their pet yorkie named Tess, who apparently thinks she is a pitbull and likes to jump around a lot.


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(N) Amber K. </span>   border=

(N) Amber K. gets a kick out of meeting customers and hearing interesting stories about the jewelry they have come to sell. During her nine months of entering “buys” into the NEWPRS, Amber has become a co-conspirator, pulling pranks on unsuspecting co-workers with her two amigos, Marie and Chelsea. (Shhh… don’t tell.)

Chelsea H. has been with RHD for almost a year now, learning about jewelry sales and buys when not busy entering information into NEWPRS. Chelsea has a two year old daughter named Madalyn, and although she enjoys shopping, her favorite hobby is pulling pranks on Jason with cohort Amber.


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(N/S) Paul L., Manager –  </span>   border=

(N/S) Paul L., Manager –

Paul has professionally secured our two locations for over three and a half years. While security is Paul’s top priority here, he has simultaneously enjoyed meeting the colorful array of clients that come into the store. Each has a story to tell – some sad, some amusing and some enlightening, but all of whom are treated equally and with respect.

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>(N) Wilson R. </span>   border=

(N) Wilson R. not only provides security to the store, but assists when possible with customers and even cleaning up a bit. Wilson’s hobbies include video games, going to the range and spending kick back time with family and friends.

(N/S) Johnny F. is ‘the new guy on the block’, having joined RHD about four months ago. Finding both staff and clients to be nice as well as the atmosphere to be relaxing, Johnny adds “it usually smells good in here.” (Would that be spirit of exuberance, colognes or lunch deliveries Johnny?) Johnny likes spending time with his kids and two rather large dogs.

(N/S) Armando D. is keeping a proverbial ‘eye on things’, which explains why we didn’t get the chance to hear what he enjoys doing in his spare time…

S denotes SOUTH LOCATION, Corner of 75th and Layton, Greenfield, WI
N denotes NORTH LOCATION, West Green Tree and N. Port Washington Road, Milwaukee, WI

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