Lab Grown Diamonds

Not recommended at Robert Haack Diamonds.

At Robert Haack Diamonds, we don’t recommend buying laboratory grown, “new born” diamonds at today’s pricing. Why is that? China is mass producing them and the price will drop rapidly. We are worried that the price might drop fast and when it is time for you to upgrade, or trade in your lab grown diamond, might only be worth 10 cents on the dollar. We recommend shopping around for a lab grown diamond, get a price, and then contact us. We probably can find you a NATURAL diamond at a comparable price and quality.

The mall and our competitors are going to try to convince you to buy these fake diamonds. “63% of all the round diamonds we sell are laboratory, new born, grown diamonds.” – Richard Kessler 2-27-17 Isn’t that crazy? Price out the new borns, let us find the natural diamond for the same price or less! (well, until the market crashes).

Now, if you MUST have a laboratory grown diamond, contact us. We know many manufactures of them and we certainly can get you a price that will beat our competitor. However, in a couple of years, price might be way lower than it is today.

As seen on The Morning Blend…

This is a diamond lab.
Here is a factory in China, and yes, each of those machines makes diamonds. This is just ONE factory.