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Robert Haack Diamonds stocks many loose diamonds, but we know we can’t stock them all. So, we made contacts across the world, allowing us access to thousands of loose diamonds. Not only that, but we can shop for the best deal for you!

Unlike the song, we believe diamonds are far more than just “a girl’s best friend.” Robert Haack Diamonds knows that each diamond purchase is a significant investment of heart, soul and hard-earned money. That is why we are committed to educating our entire staff and clients about diamonds – from the characteristics that enrich their value to the proper care for them.

If there is a certain diamond you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I am positive we can locate the diamond and save you money at the same time. Why not give us a shot? We also can help educate you with our master gemologists we have on staff. They love to share their knowledge!

Here is one of our diamond vendor’s inventory. This is just one vendor out of many we deal with. Plus, each of our store locations has loose diamonds for you to look at.